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Let me be your reliable representative on the ground! I’ll visit properties, provide virtual tours, and handle inspections and paperwork. Stay connected through calls, video conferences, and emails. Trust me to bridge the gap and make your long-distance move stress-free.  Whether it’s a corporate or personal move, I’ll collaborate with your relocation company for a smooth transition.  Let’s make your long-distance move hassle-free!

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“Alesha listened to our needs and desires when searching for our home and was able to give us honest feedback about potential properties. She was able to send us video tours of home and neighborhoods until we narrowed down our search. We were so impressed with her knowledge, organization, and fast response time. I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Monica – buyer in simpsonville, Sc

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About Moving to the Greenvillle, SC area?

In Greenville, SC, home values can both depreciate and appreciate due to factors like market conditions, economic trends, and property condition. Depreciation occurs when demand decreases or negative changes happen in the neighborhood, while appreciation is driven by increased demand, economic growth, and positive developments. Although real estate markets can be cyclical, Greenville has experienced overall positive growth with steady appreciation. Contact me, your Real Estate Professional for more information. 

Old vs. new homes in Greenville, SC: Older homes offer charm, character, and established neighborhoods, while new homes come with modern features and less maintenance. Factors like location, condition, and buyer preferences impact value. Consult me, your trusted real estate advisor, for more information. 

In South Carolina, there is a difference between a broker and an agent. I am a broker. A broker refers to a real estate professional who has obtained a higher level of licensure and has fulfilled additional requirements beyond those of a real estate agent. A broker is authorized to work independently, supervise other real estate agents, and operate their own real estate brokerage firm.

To become a broker in South Carolina, individuals must first obtain a real estate salesperson license and then gain a minimum of three years of active real estate experience. They must also complete additional education, including specific broker coursework, and pass the South Carolina broker licensing exam.

Brokers have a deeper understanding of real estate laws, regulations, and market trends. They possess the expertise and knowledge to handle complex transactions, provide guidance to clients, and manage their own real estate businesses. I value education and I have been a broker in South Carolina for a few years. 

With a mortgage, your lender typically requires an escrow account for property tax and homeowners insurance payments. Escrow ensures timely payments and protects the lender’s interest. A portion of your monthly mortgage payment is allocated to cover these expenses, which the lender holds until they are due. This spreads out the financial burden and provides convenience.

In some cases, you may qualify to pay your own taxes and insurance, known as “waiving escrow.” This depends on your mortgage type and lender’s policies. To qualify, you usually need sufficient home equity and meet specific requirements. However, waiving escrow may not be available or advisable for everyone.

Consider your financial situation, ability to budget, and the pros and cons before deciding. Consult your lender or mortgage servicer to understand their policies and explore options based on your circumstances.

Contract to closing in South Carolina: 30-45 days. Steps:
1. Contract Execution
2. Due Diligence Period (10-15 days)
3. Loan Processing (few weeks)
4. Title Search & Insurance (couple of weeks)
5. Clearing Contingencies
6. Closing Preparation
7. Closing: signing, payment, transfer of ownership.

Factors may affect the timeline. Work with professionals for a smoother process.


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